Company Profile

  • Since 2012, when our own brand RHAPSODY was established, CIC Shoes Co. Ltd. has specialized in men's casual footwear, combining a perfect combination of tradition, high quality and design. We produce everything related to shoes, from the first layout to the specific model, from the prototype to the collection.

  • Our company has thrived and developed rapidly, with our products travelling to many different parts of the world and with increasing opportunities for numerous inspiring collaborations.

    We will continue to capitalize on creativity and innovation to offer ever better products and services for customers around the world.

North America Asia Europe South America
  • 50 +

    Countries we sell to

  • 20 +

    Years of experience

  • 5,000,000

    Pairs of yearly sales volume

Brand Story

Our brand creator, who is also an avid music lover, established our brand RHAPSODY with a vision to let the reputation of our shoes resound all over the world in the steps of the shoe wearer.

Just as a rhapsody conveys melody and freedom, RHAPSODY shoes are designed to deliver harmony and passion. Just like a piece of music is composed of many different single notes, a pair of shoes is made up of many different components. Each part, each piece of material is like a music note to be created. Our culture of craftsmanship, enthusiasm for fashion, and satisfaction for quality artfully combine the different ‘notes’ into an exciting masterpiece, and translate into value for all the pieces we produce.

Casual shoe designer meeting

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